Where are we going? Car Warning Label Cover (RM)


Where are we going? Car Warning Label Cover (RM)


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Product description

These Car warning label covers are designed to go anywhere inside of your car, but many people like to put them over unattractive warning labels.

Are they legal?

Destroying or removing the original warning label is illegal but in most states it is fine to put a sticker over the top.

You can check your local state laws. 

Either way the stickers are easily removable so you can pop them off in a flash if need be. We also have a road legal design with all of the legally required statements.

Holographic overlay?

Click here to see a video of the holographic overlay 

Is it the right size for my car?

Car warning labels come in a vast majority of sizes depending on your car, for now we only offer one general size that fits most car labels.


These are waterproof vinyl Car Decals designed to go inside of your vehicle.

Water resistant 


Holographic shimmer

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